Simple Tips for Spring Car Cleaning

Spring Cleaning | Reliance Mitsubishi

Does your car look, feel or smell like something has been hibernating inside it this winter? More than a few of us here at Reliance Mitsubishi have experienced this too, so don’t worry. Here are our favorite spring car cleaning tips to help you wash away the winter grime.

Scrub Carpets & Fabrics

Using a damp towel, gently scrub your seats and floor mats to remove mud, salt, and debris. Water and dish soap should work fine, but if you’re in the mood to go the extra mile, you can buy or rent a carpet cleaner.

Remove Trash

Things tend to pile up in your car over the winter months. For a tidier, more relaxing atmosphere, take a garbage bag out to the car and fill it up with all the sandwich wrappers, random papers, and other trash that has accumulated in your cabin.

Tidy the Trunk

Like your cabin filling with trash, your trunk can be a bit of a hoarder between November and April. Get those sandbags, loose tools, and other items out of there and back to the garage, basement, storage closet, or wherever else they belong. This might even help increase your fuel efficiency!

Once you’ve finished your spring cleaning, you’ll be ready to greet the season with a fresh-looking (and fresh-smelling) vehicle.