Back-to-School Driving Tips for Teens

Driving Tips for Teens | Reliance Mitsubishi Blog

If you have any teen drivers in your family, they are probably getting excited about the prospect of driving themselves to school. While this is a thrilling time of life, it can be dangerous, too. Here are a few back-to-school driving tips for teens to help them stay safe behind the wheel.

  1. Obey all school zone laws. Make sure your young driver understands the importance of obeying the school zone speed limit.
  2. Look out for pedestrians. Along with kids driving to school, there will be lots of walkers and cyclists, too. Drive cautiously and look out for others as you get close to school. Always give pedestrians the right of way and never honk at them.
  3. Leave early. Running late for school can cause drivers to speed and disregard other safety procedures. Make sure your teen is leaving early enough to allow plenty of time to get to school with time to spare.
  4. Stop for school buses. Your teen will likely see some school buses along their way. Make sure they know all the rules for driving past school buses. If a bus extends their stop sign, all drivers must stop, no matter which direction they are traveling.

Make sure your teen’s car is back-to-school ready. Schedule a maintenance check at Reliance Mitsubishi.