Our Favorite Driving Apps to Combat a Boring Commute

Driving Apps | Reliance Mitsubishi

At Reliance Mitsubishi, we absolutely love driving. But we understand that a daily commute can become an annoying, stressful, or even boring part of the day. Thankfully, there are more smartphone apps than ever before that can breathe fresh air into our daily drives. If you feel like your commute could use a pick-me-up, check out our favorite driving apps below!

Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™

Whether you use an Android or Apple smartphones, these apps are a no-brainer if you’re interested in enjoying your favorite smartphone features while driving. These apps enable a simplified display that is safer and more convenient to navigate while driving so you can stay entertained in that traffic jam without having to fumble through your phone.


While GasBuddy doesn’t offer a lot in the way of entertainment, it makes up for it in value. This awesome app allows you to find the absolute cheapest gas prices around, no matter where you are. It’s simple, easy to use, and — best of all — will save you money even if you’re driving across the country.


Feel like you’re always busy coming or going or like you never have enough time to sit down to enjoy a good book anymore? Audible could be the solution. This great app is a truly massive collection of audiobooks that can turn your dreaded commute into your favorite time of the day.


In addition to these apps, take your commute to the next level with a new vehicle from Reliance Mitsubishi.