What You Should Include in Your Car’s Emergency Kit in Summer

Car’s emergency kit | Reliance Mitsubishi Blog | Fort Worth, TX

No matter what season it is, you should always have an emergency kit stowed away in your vehicle. Usually, drivers think that having a winter emergency kit is all that matters, but it is equally important to have a summer emergency kit. Hot temperatures and long hours of driving on road trips bring about certain car issues unique to the summer months. Here are some suggestions on what you should include in your car’s emergency kit for summer.

  • Water & Snacks: If you get stuck in traffic or break down on the side of the road, you will want to have plenty of water on hand for everyone. You will also want to pack some snacks that won’t melt.
  • Sunscreen: Stuck in the sun? Rather than adding on the irritation of a sunburn to trying to figure out what’s wrong with your vehicle, pack some sunscreen.
  • Visibility Equipment: To keep your family safe on the side of the road, have visibility equipment on hand to alert other drivers of your presence.
  • Tire Gauge and Sealant: Hot road temperatures can affect your tires, so you will want to have a tire gauge on hand to check your tires’ pressure. Getting a flat or puncturing a tire on a road trip is particularly bothersome, so you will want to have some tire sealant on hand just in case you’re able to patch the tire yourself.

To ensure your car is able to handle the unique demands of summer driving, schedule a maintenance check at Reliance Mitsubishi.