Classic Mitsubishi Cars

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Mitsubishi has been around for a while, and across the years, the automaker has gone through various transitions. However, there have always been those standout vehicles. Here are some of the most classic Mitsubishi cars.

Mitsubishi Eclipse

A zippy two-door coupe, the Eclipse was immediately a hit upon its 1989 debut. It became a must-have sports car, turning out an impressive 195 horsepower at its top trim level.

Mitsubishi Montero

The Montero, which surfaced in 1986, served as an affordable and fun SUV option. It had plenty of power to tackle roads less traveled and featured a unique boxy style that likely made it so popular.

Mitsubishi Lancer 1600 GSR

And, of course, the Lancer. The Lancer has always been a much-beloved car, and a multiple-time rally winner. The 1600 GSR first debuted in 1973 and was turning heads on race tracks all over the world in its active years.

Mitsubishi Galant

In 1988, Mitsubishi set themselves apart with the Galant sedan, which won the title of Japanese Car of the Year. The versatility of the Galant is what made it popular, with multiple power options that made the sedan feel more like a sports car.

Mitsubishi Diamante

The Diamante hit all the marks in 1990 by providing the driver with both luxury and affordability. It resembled the high-class BMW but at a much lower price.

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